Do It Yourself Auto Repair

Do it yourself auto repair, or DIY auto repair,  is getting more difficult as the cars get more and more complicated.  When I became interested in cars, it was relatively easy.  Of course that is dating myself a bit I suppose.  So, moving on, when the hood is opened on a ’57 Chevrolet, you can see the engine.  I mean it is right in front of you.  Well those days are long gone, but many people still want to do their own auto repairs.

We all know that cars need maintenance at the least and repairs at times as parts wear out or just fail.  Brakes, clutches, shocks are examples of components that can wear prematurely depending on your driving habits.  Timing belts are an example of factory determined replacement intervals.  Some things just fail, like water pumps as an example.  You can choose to have these things dealt with by a professional, or you can do them yourself.

What to Know

One thing to keep in mind with do it yourself auto repairis that often special tools are involved.  At the minimum you will likely need a scan tool, or at least a code reader. Autel makes a fairly inexpensive scan tool  that covers OBD2 on 1996 and newer vehicles.  It also covers ABS and airbag  on some vehicles.

The minimum you need is a basic code reader.

Another thing to consider is the repair information you will need.  As a professional, I have used Mitchell1 over the years and it is a great source for information.  Mitchell1 DIY now offers the information you will need for your vehicle at a very reasonable rate in comparison to the professional version.

Most parts are available at your local parts house as well as online suppliers including Amazon (see sidebar.)  I have found that if I am not in a hurry, Amazon has just about anything I can buy locally and usually at a very good price.

Above all other advice I can give you, be safe!  Know your limits, both physical and knowledge limits.  Never work under a vehicle without supporting it properly.  Understand the hazards of electronics such as airbags and high energy ignition systems.  I strongly advise the Mitchell1 DIY to avoid getting into a situation that you may not have the knowledge or tools to complete successfully.




4 response to "Do It Yourself Auto Repair"

  1. By: Suzy Russell Posted: February 8, 2018

    Thank you for the advise. You are wonderful. My car was in your shop I am happy with the work you have done.

    • By: Robb Posted: February 8, 2018

      Thank you Suzy and thanks for reading! It is always great to hear from a customer.

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