Oxy-Acetylene Torch Use and Reviews

Oxy-AceteAn Oxy-Acetylene torch kit is essential for the professional mechanic and very useful for the home or DIY mechanic. They use highly heated flame to heat metal, cut metal,  or to melt and adjoin metal.

An oxy-acetylene torch can be used for:

  • Welding metal
  • Cutting metal
  • Heating metal: in automotive and other industries for loosening seized fasteners
  • Depsoiting metal to build up a surface, as in hardfacing.

A good oxy-acetylene torch kit should be highly versatile (having various nozzles and pressure management features). This way, it can be used for soldering, cutting and welding. It should also be reasonably priced and portable in comparison to an electric welding kit.

Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit Recommendations

Whether for business or occasional home use, you need a torch that is affordable, portable and most importantly easy to use.  Here are some good options we analyzed for you.


This kit is a great option for the home mechanic due to it’s mobility and included tanks.  It is a thirteen piece system that weighs 32.8. It has a plastic carrying stand which makes it easily portable. It’s perfect for home use. It has ability to cut up to 5” with a provided tip and weld up to 125”.

It has a valve torch handle at the back and a tip for both welding and blazing. All its accessories are neatly arranged in the kit. The hoses, nozzles, gas regulators and tips.


Harris Steelworker CGA-510 Classic Tool Bag Kit weighs 16 pounds. It comes with in a classy nylon weather proof bag. It has a single stage regulator for both gas and oxygen.

Harris Steelworker CGA-510 Classic Tool Bag Kit has a 90 degrees torch head, a welding and blazing tip (23A90-5) and a cutting accessory (72-3).

The best part of this tool is its portability. The bag is strong and has comfortable straps. The only thing Harris would have done is to add the cutting tips since they have only provided one.

Harris Steelworker CGA-510 acetylene kit has a favorable price as compared to its peers.


Victor has been a major player for professional mechanics for a very long time.   This is a multi-purpose high end oxy-acetylene torch is ergonomically designed as a professional tool.  it weighs 17.5 pounds. It’s fairly high priced in comparison with it’s peers but it compensates that by it’s versatility and ability to handle heavy duty construction.

The color coded knobs make adjusting of oxygen and fuel gas easy. It also has built-in check valves that deter gases from flowing in reverse.

Victor medalist 350 oxy-acetylene torch has oxygen gas, natural gas and propane gas service. This tool has ability to weld 1/8″ (3″ with alternative nozzles. In addition, it can cut up to ¾” or 6” with available tips.


The Forney 1707 Oxy-Acetylene Welding Kit “Deluxe” is a high performance tool. It is good for home use and has a welding capacity of up to 3/8-Inch (9.52mm).

This welding kit has valves for deterring gas reverse flow. Its 1/4-Inch (6.35mm) by 20-Feet (6.1 m) T-Grade Hose provides user flexibility while choosing fuel gas.

The Forney 1707 Oxy-Acetylene torch kit is considered a medium duty tool.   Apart from the expected Oxygen and Acetylene gas regulator, it also comes with a flint lighter, a tip cleaner, a mixer, a rosebud tip, and a torch handle.

  1. STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit

This is another great choice for the home mechanic.  There are two great attributes of  this acetylene kit. One is the price; it sells at a much cheaper price compared to it’s peers but offers high performance. Secondly, it weighs 15 pounds. This makes it easily portable.

It’s great for soldiering, blazing, cutting, welding  and gauging. The kit comes with several nozzles, mostly number 0,1, 2 and 4. Other accessories are a torch handle, an Oxygen regulator, Acetylene regulator, hoses and fittings.

One thing you may need to change is the welding hoses. They are quite short at only 15′.

Safety Considerations

Though an oxy-acetylene torch is more mechanical than friendly, you can learn how to effectively use them if you follow these steps.

Personal Safety

Step 1  Dress up for the job. Welding requires you to be adequately prepared. You need to wear a proper apron and quality welding gloves (preferably leather). In addition, put on a tinted face shield or goggles. Once you are geared-up, proceed with the other steps.

Before you start using the torch, you need to inspect it. Check both gas hoses and the regulators for any damage. Check if the valves have any residual pressure, if there is, clean up the torch. As a matter of safety, it’s recommended you still purge the torch even if there’s no retained pressure.


Step 2  Open the oxygen cylinder valve fully, open the acetylene gas valve half-way(in whichever order).

Step 3  Regulate the pressure. You do this by tightening the regulator adjusting screw. For Acetylene, the pressure must be between 5-8 PSI and for oxygen, the pressure ranges between 15-30 PSI.

Note: These limits must not be exceeded.

Lighting the Torch

Next, adjust the torch properly by opening the bottom oxygen knob fully, and close the upper oxygen knob.  Then the acetylene knob quarter-way. (This is with the assumption that you are using a “Dual-guarded torch”).

Step 4  Light the torch while pointing it down. Ensure it’s a safe distance from you and it’s not inclined towards you. Grip the striker at least two inches from the tip. Flip the striker.

Step 5  The torch should be producing soot at this point. Slowly adjust the acetylene knob until the flame starts roaring. Now gradually open the top oxygen knob until the soot clears up and the flame becomes neutral.

Press the “oxygen blast trigger” as you slowly regulate to achieve the perfect flame to work with.

Once this is done. You can proceed with your task.

Final Recommendations

The Oxy-Acetylene Torch/ Welding Kit is an efficient kit and even though some people use it as hobbyists, it can be a dangerous tool to use without following instructions.

Ensure you read the manual thoroughly and take precaution. Also, use it away from children and do not let it be a play toy.

Lastly, various acetylene kits have different abilities, some are for professional use and can handle many hours of work. Some are basic for occasional domestic use.





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