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A ball joint press set is essential for both professional auto mechanics and automotive enthusiasts who like to do their own repairs on their vehicles. If you purchase a ball joint press, you will be able to use them to remove and replace ball joints in a variety of vehicles. Professional auto mechanics should always look for products that are sturdy and durable.

Choosing the right ball joint press is important.  If you want to work on larger ball joint components, you may need to purchase kits with larger C-frames.  Professional mechanics will need a larger, and likely, more expensive set to accommodate the variety of designs they will encounter.  Ball joint press kits usually come with a C-frame tool, and an assortment of driving cups and adapters to accomplish the task.  A ball joint press kit usually comes with instructions and charts.

Replacing ball joints without using a ball joint press is virtually impossible since they fit tightly together and require extreme pressure to disassemble.  If you consider the costs of professional ball joint repair or replacement, the price of a high-quality ball joint press set is easily justified.  Having your vehicle’s ball joints replaced by a professional mechanic is very expensive.

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Top Five Ball Joint Press Kits

This article will cover recommendations for the DIY home mechanics as well as the professional mechanic.  I will focus heavily on the OTC 6530 as it is a professional grade tool that covers a wide range of vehicles applications.

Astro 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool Kit 

ball joint press


This ball joint press service kit is a good choice for the home mechanic who rarely finds a need for this tool.  Coming in at under $65.00 it covers most 4 wheel drive vehicles as well.

For easy storage and transport, the product comes in a nice plastic case. The company repairs products under its 1 year-warranty free of charge.

Other notable features of the Astro 7865:

  • Good for 2WD and 4WD vehicles
  • The item weighs 17.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 10.8″ x 14″ x 3.2″
  • 3x receiver tubes (2-3/4″ x 3″, 2-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ and 1-3/4″ x 2″)

Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool

Model: 7865

Weight: 18 pounds

Product dimension: 10.8 x 14 x 3.2 inches.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


OrionMotorTech Universal Ball Joint Service Kit

ball joint press


OrionMotorTech has come up with all in one set, included in the set are receiver tubes, removing and installing adapter among others. The tool is designed to replace and remove press fit lower and upper ball joints. Forged C frame press can be used to replace and remove universal joints. For security and easy transportation the whole package will come accompanied by blow molded case.

  • Durable and versatile.
  • Heavy Duty, Multi-size.
  • Accompanied with case

Brand: OrionMotorTech

Package quantity: 21 pieces

Weight: 33.1 pounds

Product dimension: 4.0 x 19.69 x 4.72 Inches.

Tools Material: carbon steel

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.


ATD Tools 8699 Master Ball Joint Service Set

ball joint press


ATD has a good reputation for getting the job done  is a good choice for the home mechanic.  This company has been filling this niche successfully for many years. This tool will provide many years of service as it is made of heavy-duty steel and cast metal.

  • Product dimensions are 23.4 x 20.3 x 4.8 inches
  • No folding
  • Smooth exterior

Brand: ATD tools

Model: 8699

Weight: 29 pounds

Product dimension: 23.4 x 20.3 x 4.8 inches

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Best Ball Joint Press Recommendation

OTC 6530 Ball Joint Press Kit

One of 2018’s most popular ball joint press kits is the OTC’s Kit. OTC is a very reputable company.  This tool will handle use on a daily basis by the professional mechanic. The OTC – 6530 – Ball Joint Intermediate Service Kit  is a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike. Its versatility, design, and quality definitely help it stand out from other ball joint service kits out on the market. The price, size, and weight may not be perfect for every mechanic and user, but it is still a popular kit as seen by its amazing reviews and ratings.

Instead of buying service kit after kit, spending a little more for his tool will not let you down.  This is clearly the best recommendation.

If you are looking for a reliable ball joint service kit that falls under $300 while promising good performance and functionality, the OTC’s 6530 – Ball Joint Intermediate Service Kit is for you.  Here’s a detailed review of the kit for you:

OTC Ball Joint Press


The OTC Ball Joint Intermediate Press Kit covers almost every ball joint out there and manages to hold its own in the market with its quality and performance. The 6530-model set combines three of OTC’S most famous kits – the 7249, 7918, and 7996 models – to give you extensive ball joint removal and installation on GM and Ford trucks, SUVs, and vans, all models falling between 1972 to 1997 in years.

The kit also provides buyers with adapters for services on Honda Accords, Civics, del Sols, and Preludes, on models between the years of 1983 and 1997. With its 20+ adapters and cups, the kit is perfectly made for ball joint services on most trucks.


  • Manufacturer is OTC
  • Model is 6530
  • Product size is 27 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Product weight is 31.3 pounds
  • Comes with 20+ adapters, an application cross reference, a user manual and a blow-molded storage case
  • Warranty is offered by the manufacturer


C-Frame Tool: The OTC’s specially designed C-frame tool is strong and versatile and allows mechanics and vehicle owners to perform vehicle repairs with ease using just a little bit of effort. The tool can be used alone on press-in ball joints and universal joints. The tool also includes a high-quality replaceable screw for sturdy working.

Adapters: Compared to previous ball joint tool kit models produced by OTC like the OTC 8031 kit, OTC 6530 Ball Joint Service Kit offers 20+ adapters that are a substantial increase in amount. These adapters all allow versatility and ease of use of different vehicle make and models. This makes the kit truly universal.

Blow-Molded Storage Case: The kit’s strong and sturdy metal casing neatly organizes all adapters and materials within the case for easy portability and usage. Its metal grey design gives the kit a very professional look that any professional mechanic would appreciate. While this does make the kit slightly heavier to handle, it definitely acts as the perfect storage device for keeping the kit safe in your home or workshop.

Application Reference and User Manual: OTC as a brand name recognizes its user’s requirements and demands. To make the kit easier to handle and use, OTC provides its buyers with a fully detailed user manual and application reference, which gives step-by-step instructions for ball joint removal and installation.


Affordable: At a reasonable price point of around $300, the OTC 6530 kit gives buyers quality and quantity, with OTC’s finest C-frame tool and 20+ adapters.

Made for professional use: One of the most popular ball joint press manufacturers designs the OTC Ball Joint Press Kit. This results in buyers getting the highest quality service kit that is perfect for professional purposes.

Easy to use: With the kit’s detailed application reference and user manual, users can follow the step-by-step instructions to use the kit easily and efficiently both at home and in the shop. The kit is also easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

Versatile: Not only does the kit’s 20+ adapters allow you to work on different famous vehicle makes and models, but the kit is designed to work easily in removals, installations and even on corroded parts so that your job is made easier.

Durable: The kit’s top quality and design that makes its tools and adapters strong and durable.
Well-designed C-frame tool: OTC makes sure all its kits come equipped with the best 6.5-inch C-frame tool for maximum work efficiency.


Heavy: Because of the kit’s blow-molded storage casing and additions, the kit tends to be on the heavier side, which can be tricky for some people to work with if they have to move around.
Comparatively high-end: While the OTC Ball Joint Kit is worth it at face value, it does fall higher in the price range than other kits with the same features.

OTC 6559 Ball Joint Master Service Kit

This kit is clearly designed for professional mechanics. While it is the highest priced kit in this review at just under $700.00. it does work well on all types of cars and trucks. It has everything you need to service ball joints. You can minimize service time finding the correct adapters and using them correctly. You will get everything you need in this tool kit. With 70 adapters and a comprehensive application guide, OTC 6559 is truly universal.  This kit will fill the need of a professional mechanic who needs to be able to service any make or model of vehicle.

OTC Ball Joint Press


Product dimensions are 51.1 x 71.1 x 35.6 cm

·        Weighs 39.5 Kg

·        C-frame is 6.5 inch

·        Comes in two secure storage cases



As with any tool or piece of equipment for automotive repair, many options are available when buying a ball joint press.  A home mechanic doing a one time ball joint repair can likely do just fine with the lower priced options.  For the enthusiast or professional mechanic looking for high quality precision at a reasonable price OTC is hard to beat.  OTC tools are always top quality and if you want a tool that will not let you down, that is my recommendation.

Remember always support your vehicle properly when performing chassis repairs and be safety-conscious.





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