Audew 150PSI Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Portable Air Compressor Review

Among items you should carry in your vehicle is a portable air compressor.  Be prepared.  Safe driving and preparation for for the unexpected is crucial, particularly in winter driving conditions.A portable air compressor is one item that should not be overlooked.  While most drivers know the need to monitor tire pressures, having a portable air compressor makes that easy work.  In addition, getting you out of a bind if you find your tire is deflated or to low to safely drive on makes carrying a portable compressor a very good idea.

Top Rated Portable Air Compressor

Along with a host of automotive accessoriesAudew makes an excellent portable air compressor.

I personally use this compressor and highly recommend this product.  While pulling a travel trailer regularly, I find this item to meet any needs for a portable air compressor I encounter while on the road.  Since I demand quality and dependability from any equipment I use, I tested this item before making a choice for a product that will do what I need.  While being reasonably priced and compact, the Audew portable compressor met my expectations.


The compressor arrived well packaged with all items secure and no missing components.

Audew portable air compressor boxed    Audew portable air compressor box opened

Included in the box were the compressor, a coiled air hose extension, power cord battery clamp adapter, extra fuse,  user manual , and a carry bag.

Audew portable air compressor included items

The power cord for the portable air compressor is designed to plug into a cigarette lighter / power accessory outlet and can be attached directly to the vehicle battery with the included adapter.  There are three adapters that attach to either the air hose or the coiled extension hose to inflate sports balls and air mattresses, as well as swimming rings and other inflatables.

Features include:

  • Dual Cylinder
  • LED Worklight with separate switch
  • Alloy connector for tire valves to prevent rust and leaks
  • Accurate air gauge
  • Shock absorption mat
  • Folding carry handle

Audew Portable Air Compressor Operation

The Audew portable air compressor is efficient, easy to use, and will meet your expectations.  The air hose and the coiled extension both have an alloy threaded fitting to attach to your tire valve. In addition, the adapters for inflatables have metal threads to attach securely to the air hose.

Audew portable air compressor fitting    Audew portable air compressor fitting

The carry handle which folds flat for storage pivots nicely to transport the compressor.

Audew portable air compressor carry handle

I found the gauge to be absolutely accurate when I tested it against my hand held gauge, which I use professionally.

Audew portable air compressor air gauge

The compressor has an LED work light which is switched separately from the compressor.  The separate switch is an excellent feature so the work light can be used without the compressor running.  It is bright and will make inflating a tire in the dark much easier.

Audew portable air compressor LED light

Audew portable air compressor operating As you can see, this compressor will easily reach from the battery to the rear tire using the coiled extension hose.


There is an indicator light to verify power connection through the adapter.  The power cord is fused, and an extra fuse is included in the box.

Audew portable air compressor power indicator

An air tight fitting at the tire valve is assured with the threaded fitting on the air hose.  The machining is very good on the fitting and threaded onto the tire valve with no trouble.

Audew portable air compressor connected

Storage of the Audew portable air compressor is simple and convenient with the included storage bag.  In addition, at just over 6 lbs (2.8kg-3kg) the compressor is easy to carry around in the storage bag.

Audew portable air compressor storage bag    Audew portable air compressor storage bag


  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V
  • Max Power: 250W-300W
  • Air Flow: 2.1 Cubic Feet (60L)/min
  • Maximum Pressure: 150PSI
  • Size: Approx. 9.65×3.74×6.30inch (24.5×9.5x16cm) 
  • Weight: Approx. 6.5 lbs ( 2.8kg-3kg)
  • Maximum continuous operating time: 30 min

This product is designed to be used 12 Volt DC power supply.  Consequently, it cannot be operated on 24V, 36V, 110V and 220V household appliances unless with a transformer.

Test Results

The product delivered great results.  I began by completely deflating a tire.  The test was then performed on a 215 70R/16 tire.  I deflated the tire by removing the valve stem core.  After 100% deflated, I re-installed the valve stem core and began the testing.

The compressor brought the tire to

  • 25 PSI in 3.5 minutes
  • 35 PSI in 5 minutes
  • 50 PSI in 8.5 minute

No air leaks were observed during the inflation process.  While operating the noise level was as not excessive.  The air pressure gauge was accurate and operated smoothly. I operated  the LED work light that is built-in to the compressor throughout the the test and found it to be a beneficial feature if you are operating the product in a low light area.  Connection to the vehicle battery was simple and secure using the supplied cable clamps.  Indication of power via the LED indicator on the power cord is a nice feature, as well as the security of the power cord being  protected with a fuse (replacement fuse included).

Product literature reads “Do not touch the pump’s metal body when the pump is rotating to avoid burns.”  I tested the temperature of the unit after 15 minutes of operation and while it did heat up, I recorded the temperature at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  I personally do not consider this temperature to be excessive and certainly not excessive for a portable air compressor.  However, it may be advisable to use a pair of mechanic’s gloves when operating this product.


Overall, the Audew Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Compressor Pump is an excellent product and performs as intended.  It is also well designed to handle anything you would need form a portable air compressor.  The product is packaged well and operates with no disappointment.  I do use this product personally and recommend it.  At the Amazon price of $59.99, this is something that should be in your vehicle.  Whether driving locally or traveling cross country, it is important to have an emergency kit in your vehicle and a portable air compressor should be part of that kit.  Monitoring tire pressures is essential for safe driving as well as preventing tire wear.  Additionally, it is a big part of getting the best fuel economy you can.


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