Air Compressor Uses and Recommendations

As mentioned in the previous article, an air compressor is a highly useful piece of equipment. Uses range from hobbies or home repair projects, to the DIY mechanic. Professional mechanics and automotive repair shop consider it essential equipment. I touched on CFM as a consideration in air compressors. Let’s talk a more about why that is … Continue reading "Air Compressor Uses and Recommendations"

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What Kind of Air Compressor Do You Need?

Any DIY mechanic, car enthusiast, and especially a professional mechanic knows how good quality tools and equipment make any job easier. The right set of tools can also prove to be extremely helpful when you are doing home projects. Beyond basic hand tools there are air tools that require an air compressor. Of course, there … Continue reading "What Kind of Air Compressor Do You Need?"

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Using a Digital Caliper for Easy and Precise Measurements

Using a digital caliper for measuring critical dimensions and clearances is a quick and easy way to help in many situations a person may encounter when working on a car.  The digital caliper fills the need in many cases much quicker than using a micrometer.  Micrometers were at one time the go to tool for … Continue reading "Using a Digital Caliper for Easy and Precise Measurements"

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Oxy-Acetylene Torch Use and Reviews

Oxy-AceteAn Oxy-Acetylene torch kit is essential for the professional mechanic and very useful for the home or DIY mechanic. They use highly heated flame to heat metal, cut metal,  or to melt and adjoin metal. An oxy-acetylene torch can be used for: Welding metal Cutting metal Heating metal: in automotive and other industries for loosening seized … Continue reading "Oxy-Acetylene Torch Use and Reviews"

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